Олимпиадалық тапсырмалар: Ағылшын тілі (5, 6, 7 сынып)

Олимпиадалық тапсырмалар: Ағылшын тілі (5, 6, 7 сынып)

Ағылшын тілінен олимпиада тапсырмалары - 5 сынып

Grammar zone

I Choose the right form from the variants below.
1. My sister…very clever.
a) does b) is c) has
2. My friends are students, …?
a) aren`t they b) are they c) do they
3. Mary … not like cooking.
a) do b) does c) has
4. …you like your job?
a) do b) does c) is
5. This is … teacher.
a) we b) our c) ours
6. The children … in the garden.
a) is b) are c) am
7. This is the … bag.
a) lady`s b) ladies`s c) ladys`
8. We start school on the … September.
a) fifth b) first c) fourth
9. My father … than my mother.
a) old b) older c) the oldest
10. Can I … your pen?
a) take b) to take c) takes
11. She starts her work … nine o`clock.
a) on b) in c) at
12. Mary usually … with her friends at six o`clock.
a) plays b) is playing c) play
6 points

II Rearrange the words in 1 to 5 to make sentences.
(1) a new car/he/for/bought/me
(2) a lie/him/tell/don’t
(3) the thief/to/she/the police/described
(4) the hospital/gave/he/1 million $
(5) made/for my birthday/me/my mum/a cake
5 points

III Change to the plural as in the example
e.g. He is a policeman. - They are policemen.

1. I’m a student. …
2. She is a woman. …
3. This is a goose. …
4. He is a child. …
5. There is a big monkey. …
6. It is a guitar. …
7. This is a nice baby. …
8. That is an apricot. …
9. The mouse is grey. …
10.There is a knife on the table. …
5 points

Vocabulary Zone

I Read the text and choose: А) True B) False C) Doesn’t say.
A bear is a large, heavy, strong animal with thick fur and a very short tail. There are several kinds of bears, black bears, polar bears, and grizzly bears. The brown bear lives in the forests and mountains of Northern America, Europe and Asia. Bears live alone; they never live in groups. Mother bear usually has from one to four baby bears. They are born in the winter and drink their mother’s milk. They live with their mother for one or two years. Bears often spend much of their winter sleeping. Before winter they eat a lot of food.

1. A bear has small eyes.
А) True B) False C) Doesn’t say
2. Bears can be black.
A) True B) False C) Doesn’t say
3. Bears don’t live in Europe.
A) True B) False C) Doesn’t say
4. They live in groups.
А) True B) False C) Doesn’t say
5. Mother bear has more than five babies.
А) True B) False C) Doesn’t say
6. Baby bears are born in the winter.
А) True B) False C) Doesn’t say
7. Baby bears live with their father.
А) True B) False C) Doesn’t say
8. Baby bears hunt with their mother.
А) True B) False C) Doesn’t say
9. Bears eat a lot before winter.
A) True B) False C) Doesn’t say
9 points

II Complete the questions and answers with an appropriate word.
(1) ‘Are you and James married?’ ‘Yes, _____ are.’
(2) ‘What do ________ do?’ ‘I’m a doctor.’
(3) ‘Where do Endy and Linda live?’ ‘________ live in Kensington.’
(4) ‘Have you ________ a pet?’ ‘No, I haven’t.’
(5) ‘Does your sister speak French?’ ‘Yes, _________ does.’
(6) ‘Hi. What’s ________ name?’ ‘Hi. I’m Tony Marchant.’

6 points

III Categorize the following words.
Ex. Food — potato, butter, banana, apple


(pupil, sweater, hen, pen, gymnastics, kitchen, hat, hamster, football, ping-pong, desk, dress, book, golf, mouse, tennis, dog, parrot, cat, shoes, jeans, socks, duck, door, monkey, lion, TV-set)

9 points

Ағылшын тілінен олимпиада тапсырмалары - 6 сынып

Grammar zone (12points)
Task 1. Choose ‘some’ or ‘any’ (6 points):

1. There is __________ tea in the cup.
2. Is there __________ sugar in your coffee?
3. There aren’t _________ benches in the park.
4. We have _________ funny pets.
5. There isn’t ___________ meat in the soup
6. Are there __________books about wild animals?

Task 2. Write questions. Use the Present Perfect or the Past Simple. Read the answers first (6 points).

1. How long / Sam/ live / in England? Since 2017.
2. When / Assel / lose / her key? Two days ago.
3. How long / Kate/ have / a hedgehog? For 2 years.
4. What time / you / start / your job last night? At 8 o'clock.
5. When / last time / you / have / a holiday? In 2016.
6. What time / you / go / to bed? At 10 o’clock

Vocabulary zone (18 points)
Task 3. Find the odd word (5 points):
1. A car, a motorbike, a goat, a plane
2. A blouse, a jacket, a dress, boots
3. A ruler, a pot, an eraser, a book
4. milk, soda, tea, butter.
5. pills, medicine, bruise, judge

Task 4 . Choose the synonym to the word “a cake” (1 point):
A. a doughnut
B. an onion
C. a sausage
D. chocolate
E. a sweet
F. a candy
G. a pie
H. a pile

Task 5. Solve the crossword (12 points):

1. The meat we get from a cow.
2. The meat we get from a calf.
3. A vegetable of orange colour.
4. The meat we get from a sheep.
5. A fruit of yellow colour.
6. The meat we get from baby or young sheep.
7. These vegetables makes you cry!
8. A bird, always served with orange sauce.
9. The most popular drink in England.
10. Fruit. Also a colour.
11. It makes things taste sweet.
12. English people always eat fish and __________.

Cultural awareness zone (3 points).
Task 6. What do these signs mean? Choose the correct option (3 points):

1) open 9:30-5.30, Monday-Saturday

a) open in the evenings
b) open every day
c) not open on Sundays
2) no bikes on the grass
a) don’t ride your bike on the grass!
b) park your bikes on the grass
c) leave your bike at home
3) don’t turn right
a) keep to the left
b) look to your left
c) stay on the right side
Reading zone (7 points)
Task 7. Read the text and choose A, B or C (7 points).
Pierre Renoir was a famous French artist. His paintings are very popular today because they show colourful, happy scenes, often in bright sunlight. He liked to show the good things in life because he thought there were many bad things around.
He was born in central France in 1841. His father was a tailor and his mother was a dressmaker. The family was poor. They moved to Paris when Pierre was three. As he grew older he showed a talent for drawing. He started work at the age of thirteen, learning how to decorate plates, cups and dishes. Later he studied at the Paris art school and became an artist.
Renoir liked to paint outdoor scenes of everyday life, for example, children on the beach or a woman at the seaside. A hundred years ago, French children did not swim in the sea. They did not have special clothes for the beach and they usually wore hats and gloves, even in the summer.
Renoir loved family life. He often painted pictures of families. Some of his paintings are of his own children. One of his sons, Jean, was also very artistic. He became a world-famous film director.
Pierre Renoir continued working to the end of his life, even when he became ill. He was seventy-eight when he died in 1919.
You can see his pictures in museums and art galleries all over the world. All collectors pay a lot of money for a painting by Renoir. In 2003 his picture of a woman sitting in her garden was sold for $23.5 million.

1. Pierre Renoir was good at…
A. Painting.
B. Singing
C. Writing poems
2. Why are his paintings popular today?
A. They are painted in bright colours.
B. They are not very expensive.
C. They make us feel sad.
3. How did Pierre learn to paint?
A. He painted poor people.
B. He worked at a pottery.
C. He decorated houses.
4. Why didn’t French children swim in the sea?
A. There were no swimsuits.
B. They didn’t like cold water.
C. They liked to play on the beach.
5. Why did Renoir paint pictures of families?
A. He didn’t have his own children.
B. He didn’t like lonely people.
C. He loved children.
6. Where can you see his pictures?
A. In private collections.
B. In many countries.
C. In art galleries in France.
7. He was _________ when he died in 1919.
A. 87
B. 78
C. 88

Ағылшын тілінен олимпиада тапсырмалары - 7 сынып

Listening Zone
Task. Heather is from Canada. Listen, find and correct five mistakes. Circle the words that are wrong.
This is a picture of my family from Canada. This is my mom and this is my dad and this is my sister Ben. His wife is Sheri and these are their two sons, Julia and Erica. This is my aunt, Margaret and my grandpa, jack. They live in southern Ontario. This is my daughter, Emily. Her husband`s name is Tom and their son`s name is James. This is my brother, Jay. His grandmother`s name is Shelley. And this is their dog. His name is Shadow.
Wrong words Corrected words
__/ 5 points
Grammar zone

Task 1. Complete these sentences with a, an, the or no article.

1. She plays ... piano beautifully.
2. We usually meet once ... week.
3. I enjoy studying languages but I find ... Latin quite difficult.
4. I always listen to ... radio when I get up.
5. Can your daughter play ... violin?
6. I can cycle 15 miles ... hour.
7. Do you enjoy learning ... Spanish?
8. I take the children swimming twice ... week.
9. I think you watch ... television too often.
10.Did you study ... physics at school?
__/ 5 points
Task 2. Complete the sentences using to, at or from.
1. Linda works the post office.
2. Can you come………our party.
3. We arrived…………the station half an hour late.
4. I often return…..my old home town.
5. They were tired when they arrived so they caught a taxi………the airport……..the hotel.
6. Kathy brought her daughter…. the work with her yesterday.
7. We landed….. Athens airport at 5 o`clock in the morning.
8. How did you get here? I caught the train and walked….. the station.
9. I landed Istanbul airport and caught the train….. Istanbul….. Ankara.
10. He travelled all night…… Paris and arrived…… the office here in London at .30 in the morning.
__/ 5points
Task 3. Rewrite these sentences, putting the words in to the correct order.
1. him money have the all I paid .
2. lovely brought flowers me of the bunch.
3. present grandmother have I your for a hope you bought.
4. some money give shoes the new can for e you.
5. fruit you mother lie this your take to I`d like.
6. give hoping job will new they am a me I.
7.timetable please find Rose train can for the you.
8. Andrew gave to our letter I.
9. the show why garden her you don`t.
10. a everybody make for will drink I
__/ 5points
Lexical Zone
Time: 10 minutes
Task 1. Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space. For each question
1 -10, mark the correct letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.

Robots can work in places humans can't easily (0) __A___ to. These include deep oceans on (1) _____ planets or on sites with bad pollution. Robots are also used in factories (2) ________ they can work more quickly and accurately than a human, and (3) _________needing to rest.
Improvements in technology over the past 50 years have (4) _______ that scientists are now able to create very clever robots. The most complicated of these can make (5) _______ for themselves, learn new things, and (6) _________ with problems. However, while robots (7) _______ look like people are very common in science fiction films, they are very (8) _______ in real life. Making a machine that can balance and move on two legs is a real (9) ________ and is unnecessary for most of the jobs we need robots to do for us. However, a Japanese robot
(10)_____ as Asimo does walk on two legs and can even climb up and down
Example: 0 A
0 A get B find C make D take
1 A further B high C distant D long
2 A unless B because C although D despite
3 A without B before C until D after
4 A intended B supposed C said D meant
5 A results B decisions C thoughts D options
6 A sort B manage C deal D handle
7 A whose B that C what D where
8 A rare B thin C little D narrow
9 A difficult B trouble C fault D challenge
10 A called B known C named D said
__/ 5 points
Task 2. Do the crossword.

1 .You have it in a restaurant.
3. People often have one on their birthday.
5. Do you want to have a ……. of tennis

2. You have it at school or university.
4. If you don`t like coffee, you can have…… ____/5 points
Task 3. For questions 1 – 5, read the text and then complete the text by changing the form of the word in capitals .Example: 0 __beautifully__


I have a Dutch friend who speaks English (0)... . I have BEAUTY
always wondered how the Dutch manage to learn languages so (1)…….SUCCESS
The Dutch, like the Germans, often speak English (2)… WELL
than some native speakers or at least they seem
to speak the language more (3)… CORRECT
than some English people. If you want to speak English (4)… FLUENCY
with a reasonable accent, you should listen to tapes as frequently as possible.
There are no magic solutions but you (5)… SIMPLICITY
have to work hard at the new language.
5_______________________ __/ 5 points
Time: 40 minutes
Task 2
Read the text below.
I`m Michelle. I`m 23 and I`m single. I`m an actor. My boyfriend is called Martin and he`s a police officer. My home is in England, but I`m from France. My parents are in France. My father, Daniel, is a lawyer and my mother, Bernadette, is a teacher. My sister, Nicole is 27. She`s beautiful. She`s a model. My brother Francis is a photographer, but he`s also a student. My best friend, Heather, is an assistant in a big shop in the centre of London

Task 1. Match the people with their jobs and their relation to Michelle.
0. Bernadette B ,i or Bernadette –a teacher; a mother
N Name
0 Bernadette A police officer i mother
1 Daniel B teacher ii father
2 Francis C Shop assistant iii best friend
3 Heather D laywer iv brother
4 Martin E photographer v sister
5 Nicole F model vi boyfriend
__/5 points

Task 2. Read the following passage.
For Questions 1-5, choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D) according to the text.

A recent investigation by scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey shows that strange animal
behavior might help predict future earthquakes. Investigators found such occurrences in a ten kilometer radius of the epicenter of a fairly recent earthquake. Some birds screeched and flew about widely; dogs yelped and ran around uncontrollably.
Scientists believe that animals can perceive these environmental changes as early as several
days before the mishap.
In 1976 after observing animal behavior, the Chinese were able to predict a devastating
earthquake. Although hundreds of thousands of people were killed, the government was able to
evacuate millions of other people and thus keep the death toll at a lower level.
1.What prediction may be made by observing animal behavior?
A an impending earthquake
B the number of people who will die
C the ten-kilometer radius of the epicenter
D environmental changes

2.Why can animals perceive these changes when humans can not?
A Animals are smarter than humans.
B Animals have certain instincts that humans don’t possess.
C By running around the house, they can feel the vibrations.
D Humans don’t know where to look.

3.Which of the following is NOT true?
A Some animals may be able to sense an approaching earthquake.
B By observing animal behavior scientists perhaps can predict earthquakes.
C The Chinese have successfully predicted an earthquake and saved many lives.
D All birds and dogs in a ten-kilometer radius of the epicenter went wild before the earthquake.

4.In this passage, the word evacuate most nearly means
A remove
B exile
C destroy
D emaciate

5.If scientists can accurately predict earthquakes, there will be
A fewer animals going crazy
B a lower death rate
C fewer people evacuated
D fewer environmental changes
__/ 5 points

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