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Lesson plan

Unit of a long term plan:

Unit 4. Comedy and Drama

School: 21

Date: 13.12.22

Teacher name: Mukhatova Gulnara Askharbekovna

CLASS: 6 b

Number present:


Lesson title

Types of films

Learning objectives understand independently specific information and detail of in short, simple text on a limited range of general and curricular topics ask simple questions to get information about a growing range of general topic communicate meaning clearly at sentence level during pair, group and whole class exchanges

Lesson objectives

Learners will be able:

1) identify facts and details in reading

2) describe the types of films with phrases

3)ask simple questions and interview a partner about favourite film

Assessment criteria

1) identify genres of films with some support

2)ask correct questions to get information

3)interact with each other using simple questions

Values links

Values are instilled by teaching learners to respect each other’s opinions



The lesson is tightly connected with Art

Previous learning

Past Continuous


Planned timings

Planned activities



Greeting. Good afternoon! Stand up,hands down And say together –How are you? I’m fine thank you

Phonetic drill: It’s time to think

It’s time to speak

It’s time to show

Ready, stay go

Are you ready for English lesson.


Ok.Let’s start our lesson.

-What date is it today?

-What day of the week is it today?

-What season is it now?

-What is the weather like?

-What was a home task?


Lead-in. Brainstorming

1.Teacher asks the questions. Students should give their opinions.

.Do you like watch films? Yes. Watch the video. Ok children think about the theme of our lesson.-What is theme of our lesson today?we have new theme the theme of the lesson. Types of films.

Look at the blackboard listen to the new words.

Fantasy,action/adventure, science-fiction,historical,western,comedy,animated,horror.Chorally,individually work.

-Now children we have two groups at the lesson. The 1-st group Comedy. 2-nd group Fantasy. I’ll give you some stickers you are write down the end of the lesson.

PPT slide

While – reading

Ex2p46 Kyzgaldak text watch the video and listen. Teacher asks students to read the text one by one. Answer the questions.

What is the text about?When is the film released? Who are he main characters?

1-st task. Group works.

Then gives the cards to each students with the sentences. Students should identify if the sentences True or False

-If the sentences they take dollars


2-nd task Match the pictures with the words

3-rd task Writing. Open your notebooks and write down the date 13 th of December.ex1(b)p 46. Which is your favourite type of film?Write the sentences use these adjectives. Exciting,funny,clever,fast,interesting,boring,scary,violent. For examp;e. I like comedy films because they are really funny.

Hometask ex2p46. New words.

Now children write down your opinion and come here stick your feedback on the blackboard.Ok children let’s stort play game Quizlet. Take your phones and write your name.Who knows more? Find the films.

Who worked best today?-I think we are best today.Thank you for our lesson. Good bye!

The text was taken from:

«Kyzgaldak» PPT Slides


PPT Slides


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