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Оқытудың инновациялық әдістері

Оқытудың инновациялық әдістері

Джамалдинова З.

Қонақбаева А.С.


Қазіргі кезде білім беру саласына енгізіліп жатқан жаңашыл өзгерістер сан қырлы бастамалар білім әлемін жетілдіруге жол ашуда. Келешек ұрпақ тәрбиесімен айналысатын әлеуметтік-педагогикалық қызметтің тиімділігін арттыру, оны жаңа сапада ұйымдастыру қажеттігі күн өткен сайын жаңашылдықты туындатып отыр. Бұл үшін оқытушылар инновациялық іс-әрекеттің ғылыми-педагогикалық негіздерін меңгеруі мақсат етеді. Ал жаңа технологияны пайдалану міндетті деңгейдегі білімді қалыптастыра отырып мүмкіндік деңгейге жеткізеді. Сондықтан оқытушының біліктілігін көтеру мен шығармашылық педагогикалық әрекетін ұйымдастыруда қазіргі педагогикалық технологияларды меңгерудің маңызы зор.


Методы инновационного обучения могут использоваться тогда, когда учащиеся уже владеют основами необходимых знаний, полученных, как правило, традиционными методами. В этой связи нецелесообразно противопоставлять традиционные и инновационные методы обучения. Необходимо находить разумное их сочетание и использование сильных сторон в зависимости от стоящих в процессе обучения задач и возникающих ситуаций.

На современном инновационном уроке преподаватель организует творческую работу студентов, использует необычные задания, неординарные действия, занимательные упражнения, проблемные ситуации.Проблемная ситуация обычно является начальным моментом мыслительного процесса. Человек тогда начинает мыслить, когда у него появляется потребность что-то понять. Мысль рождается с удивления или недоумения, с проблемы или вопроса, с противоречия. В связи с этим на уроках использую проблемные ситуации.

With innovative teaching, each student should be involved in activities that ensure the formation and development of cognitive needs, collective forms of work, and exchange of opinions.

In these conditions, the teacher needs to navigate a wide range of innovative technologies, ideas, and directions. To look for new effective teaching methods and such methodological techniques that would activate the students' thoughts, stimulate them to acquire knowledge independently. The emergence of interest in mathematics among a significant number of students depends on how skillfully the educational work will be constructed, on the methodology of its teaching.

Innovative teaching methods can be used when students already possess the basics of the necessary knowledge, obtained, as a rule, by traditional methods. In this regard, it is inappropriate to contrast traditional and innovative teaching methods. It is necessary to find a reasonable combination of them and the use of strengths, depending on the tasks in the learning process and the situations that arise. In his activity, the teacher should use those techniques that stimulate the activity of students, their internal motivation, arouse interest, the need to master knowledge. To achieve the best results, it is advisable to use different types of lessons: lesson-lecture, lesson-workshop, lesson-study, lesson-game, lesson-journey, lesson-presentation using a computer [1]. At the modern innovative lesson, the teacher organizes the creative work of students, uses unusual tasks, extraordinary actions, entertaining exercises, problematic situations. For the development of cognitive interest, the teacher focuses on the active mental activity of students. A problematic situation is usually the initial moment of the thought process. A person then begins to think when he has a need to understand something. A thought is born from surprise or perplexity, from a problem or question, from a contradiction. In this regard, we use problematic situations in the lessons. With problem-based learning, there is a need to see the problem put forward by the teacher to the students, formulate it, find solutions.

The proposed problem must meet the following requirements.

1. The problem should be understandable to students.

2. The feasibility of the proposed problem.

3. Problems should arouse the interest of students.

4. The naturalness of the problem statement.

The method of problem-based learning forms students' critical thinking, causes a desire to solve the situations that have arisen independently. In addition to the method of problem situations in the classroom, the so-called "brain attack" method is necessary. The method of "brainstorming" is a method of stimulating the creative activity of students. The basis of this method is the heuristic dialogue of Socrates, which takes into account a number of psychological and pedagogical patterns. For example, it is more productive to generate ideas collectively than individually. Direct brainstorming is a method of collective idea generation, the purpose of which is to collect as many ideas as possible, free thinking from inertia, overcome the usual train of thought when solving a creative task. The use of didactic games, entertaining tasks, exercises, gives the greatest effect in classes dominated by students with reduced interest in the subject, with unstable attention [2]. Creating game situations in math lessons increases interest in the subject, develops attention, intelligence, mutual assistance. It should be noted that it is impossible to imagine innovative technologies without information and communication technologies.

Advantages of using information and communication technologies:

  • expand opportunities for independent creative activity of students, especially in the study and systematization of mathematical phenomena;
  • instill skills of self-control and self-correction of their own mistakes;
  • develop students' cognitive abilities;
  • contribute to the rapid development of the material, save time, radically change the quality and content of the lesson;
  • contribute to the development of motivation in the student;
  • they help to quickly assimilate complex material.

The possibilities of ICT allow us to give students ready-made, strictly selected, appropriately organized knowledge, and also develop the intellectual, creative abilities of students. The use of ICT in distance learning is especially relevant. In order to increase the efficiency of modern, the following basic information capabilities are effective:

1. Training programs, tests, tests.

2. Mathematical websites. After studying each topic on the onlinetestpad website, I compose a test for students. To prepare students for the final certification, We use the sites " Infowork" and "USTAX.kz ". These sites facilitate the work of the teacher by evaluating the work of students.

3. With the help of "Zoom" we conduct online lessons, where we also divide students into groups using lecture halls and work on a blackboard https://edu.google.com/products/jamboard /.

The huge possibilities of computer technology, the huge variety of cultural information provided by multi libraries and the world Wide Web are available to students [3]. The computer practically solves the problem of individualization of learning. Usually, students who are slower than their comrades to assimilate the teacher's explanations are shy to raise their hand, ask questions. Having a computer as a partner, they can repeat the material many times at a convenient pace and control the degree of its assimilation. Computer graphics allow children to imperceptibly assimilate educational material by manipulating various objects on the display screen.

Advantages of computer control:

  • saving time on checking students' work;
  • the student immediately sees his mistakes and gets a grade;
  • removal of psychological dependence on the teacher "kind" or "strict", the student begins to evaluate himself more objectively;
  • the results of the students' work are displayed on the screen, you can immediately carry out statistical processing of the results.

The main goal of innovative educational technologies is to prepare a person for life in a constantly changing world, there is a qualitative change in the personality of the student compared to the traditional system.

There are no universally effective or ineffective methods. All teaching methods have their strengths and weaknesses, and therefore, depending on the goals, conditions, and available time, it is necessary to combine them optimally. That is, the whole learning process is built according to the scheme: perceive – comprehend – remember - apply – check. To achieve the quality of learning, it is necessary to consistently go through all these stages of cognitive activity. The use of various forms and methods of innovative technologies contribute to improving the quality of education.

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