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Ағылшынша шығарма: My mother

Ағылшынша шығарма: My mother

Ақтөбе орта мектебі
Бралиева Ажар Саматовна
Жетекшісі: Бралиева Казина Серкеновна
My name is Azhar. I’m a pupil of the 10th form. I and my family from Kazakhstan, we live In Aktobe, in the village Yasnoe. I want to tell you about my mother. She is 38, she is a teacher and simply a good person. I and my younger brother love her very much. We can’t live without her. Even, when she isn’t at home I can’t sleep without my mom. She is really good and very kind friend. My mother is kind and loving, affectionate and caring. She cac give a piece of advice and help at any time. My mother is a good housewife. She teaches me how to sew, knit and bake cakes. The love that a mother gives to her child is a real miracle. It is boundless, absolute and pure. It is sacrificing and strong enough to overcome all difficulties There fore, it is not surprising that we usually compare mothers with angels and say that God performs miracles through them.I’m deeply convinced that not only for a little child, but for an adult as well, it is vital to know that there is a friend who is always ready to give his helping hand. For me my dear mom is the best friend. This amazing woman is the one I go to with all my problems and failures. I can share easiIy my innermost feelings with her and I know for sure that she will never hurt my feelings or betray me. My mom is an easy-going, sociable, optimistic and cheerful person, and she always knows what to do to make her children smile and even laugh until we cry. She can always make my day. The saying “Like mother like daughter” is completely about us. We both have the same tastes in clothes and books, the same sense of humour and many common interests.

Speaking about appearance, my mom is very attractive. She has big black and kind eyes and amazing smile. She is well groomed and does not look her age. That is why people often take us as sisters. They say I look like my mother and it is definitely a compliment for me. My mother is a teacher, so she works hard and, unfortunately, does not have much free time. However, when she finally has a day off she tries to spend with her family as much time as possible. She takes care about my younger sbrother and me, and we appreciate it very much. However surprisingly it may seem my mom does not have any leisure time, all her time is put to good use. I think she does not want her time off just to slip away. That is why we always have fun together – we go to the gym, hold picnics, discuss latest news in a cozy café and, of course, go shopping together. Every day my mother shows me what it takes to be the best mom. To draw a conclusion I would like to notice, that I love my mom very much and I am extremely grateful to her. And not because she brought me into this wonderful world.. But, because she has always me how to be an honest, reliable and kind person, taught to notice other people's feelings, taught that there is nothing impossible for me in this life and I can achieve all my goals. She is always here to help me, to give a piece of advice or to share my success. Every day her love inspires me, and I think our mothers deserve much more than we could ever give them.

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