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Ағылшынша шығарма: Control and measuring instruments and automatics

Ағылшынша шығарма: Control and measuring instruments and automatics

Атырау облысы, Жылыой ауданы, Құлсары қаласы
Жылыой мұнай және газ технологиялық колледжінің
ІІ курс студенті: Жакенова Мөлдір Жакенқызы
Жетекшісі: І санатты ағылшын тілі пәнінің оқытушысы
Имашева Анар Карашбаевна
Any modern enterprise engaged in production activities, be sure to use certain devices and sensors. They need them and ordinary citizens, because they can be used to carry out flow control, heat and electricity. At the same time there are experts who are engaged in ensuring proper operation of these devices.

• Identify equipment and varieties
• What is the equipment?
• Types of equipment
• What does a locksmith equipment
• Where are the experts instruments
• What can the Department of Instrumentation
• Who is the chief specialist in the department
Definition of equipment and variations
The main purpose of equipment, including special measuring devices and automation, is to determine the exact physical quantities. With these devices, you can get an idea of the current water flow, to determine how efficiently the equipment functions, and so forth.
What equipment?

Explanation of the term is quite simple and is as follows: Control - this is nothing, as the instrumentation and automation. In turn, under the Department of Control should be understood a special service, which is responsible for ensuring the health systems of different sensors and devices across the enterprise. Specialists of the department monitor the state of a large variety of instruments, to which should include automatic valves, flow meters, etc.

Types of equipment

Instrumentation based image of a wide variety of devices and equipment commonly used in various fields. It can be as home appliances and machinery, widely spread in the construction industry, heavy industry. And in each direction separately identify subgroups of measuring and control devices.
Electricity meters, voltmeters and ammeters have spread to control power consumption. These devices come in different types that affects the objects on which they are used: in residential, industrial sector or in public services. Most often, these devices installation by specialists. For this reason, these devices must have the equipment outstanding characteristics in terms of quality, precision measurements.
TRC special group consisting of instrumentation used to measure pressure. Among these should be considered as a variety of models of pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, pressure and so forth. These devices have proliferated in different areas, to which should include industry, boiler systems, oil refining.
You should also refer to the measuring and control devices by means of which measured the amount of solids and liquids. Besides them there are other instrumentation subgroups, which should include instruments used to determine the costs of switching and protection devices, and others.
Although these devices there are many, often use thermostats, auto-drives and frequency converters.

As already mentioned, the main purpose of the measurement equipment is determined values. These data are obtained, focusing on scale and pointer. They can be classified into two types: one-sided and two-sided. At unilateral instrument location of the scale is that it values starting from the left side, and the resulting data is limited to one direction. As for bilateral instruments, there is zero for strictly allotted place in the middle. The values of measurements may be at the right or left side of the central axis.
What does a locksmith equipment?
The main duties of a specialist kipovtsa associated with repairing variety of electronic metering and control. These employees must be electricians, as in the process they have to put into practice the laws of physics. After chastopomoch to start production in the state is only the engineer equipment.

Where experts tools come from?

State Department equipment formed only of those professionals who not only have specialized education, and have experience. Such an employee can easily read the data instrumentation of any company and get an idea of the nature of the use of electricity. But when one device fails, this leads to serious problems, including the temporary suspension of the activities of the enterprise.
If a young man has chosen to enroll in college direction associated with the equipment, then upon its completion he has the opportunity to find a job in any of the industries. Today, automated systems can be found on the railway facilities, enterprises engaged in petroleum refining, heavy machinery, as well as those who manufacture food.
Professionalism department equipment often determines how long the recovery will take the enterprise after emergency situations. These workers monitor the status of pumps, conveyors, motors, ensuring their smooth operation.

What can Department Control done?

Service Employees equipment designed to introduce modern technology in the enterprise. They can easily understand the various complex schemes, troubleshoot any system. At the core of their work is the implementation of the operations that relate to the following areas:
• Automation of electric drives;
• Creation of software automation for staff working with the systems;
• Automation technology.
Service equipment required to carry out maintenance and monitor the work of the control devices and systems. These professionals know all the nuances of the functioning of the devices under their jurisdiction. In addition to them, it is easy to restore the operation of any sensor and meter.

Who is the chief specialist in the department?

• It is important for any company to the department, which is responsible for debugging, configuration and start-up control and management systems, was a specialist with extensive experience. To effectively cope with the responsibilities of instrumentation engineer, the specialist needs to know the basic principles of cybernetics and computer science, to be able to apply the methods and controls, have a clear idea about the functional and production departments.
• From this professional is required with the following functions:
• Development and use of automation for computer equipment, carried out using high-tech means of communications.
• Collect the information you need, on the basis of which will be created for work and technical projects.
• Identify problems for equipment service workers, an explanation of all the nuances mentioned in the job description;
• Creation of technological schemes, defining job CAM, in accordance with the requirements of organizational and technical support of all the subsystems.
• Development of technical documentation, manuals and textbooks of methodics, which set out the points concerning the work with the management information systems.

For any business it is important to have an automatic measuring device, which will undertake the work. And service equipment copes with its functions, as their staff are skilled professionals who are able to maintain for a long time trouble-free operation of key enterprise systems.
I chose this profession equipment. And I'm in the second course at the College of Technology of oil and gas in the city of Atyrau. Kulsary .Where we have a big company TCO. And I am proud of my profession.

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