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Lesson Plan

Theme of the lesson: Professions


Teacher’s name:



Number present: absent:

Theme of the lesson:


Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to:

3.UE9 use common present simple forms [positive, negative, question] and

contractions to talk about what you want and like and habits and facts

3.S4 respond to basic supported questions giving personal and factual


3.S1 make basic statements related to personal information, people and

objects on familiar topics and classroom routines

3.W7 spell some familiar high-frequency words accurately during guided

writing activities


All learners will be able to:use common present simple forms.

Most learners will be able to: use common present simple forms and respond to basic supported questions

Some learners will be able to:use common present simple forms,respond to basic supported questions and make basic statements related to personal information and use common adjectives in descriptions.

Value link:

Be friendly, respect each other.


Part of the lesson/Time

Teacher’s activity

Student’s activity



Beginning of the lesson


Team work

3 min.

Organization moment:


Ask about the weather.

T brings M&Ms candies and asks Ss to take one.

Then quickly divide Ss into three teams according to the M&Ms colour.

1.Red, 2. Green


T asks them to find their team.

In differentiationpart«Sweet team» method was used to encourage them to answer the questions and find his/her team.

“I wish you….” method helps to start the lesson with telling supporting words to each other.

The aim: To develop Ss speaking skills and create friendly atmosphere

Efficiency: By telling the wishes they show their appreciations .

At the organization moment T tries to award active Ss. «The praise» method is used to evaluate Ss with phrases like:

“Good job!

Well done!”

CD player



«Brainstorming» method

Team work

10 min.

Listen, point and repeat. Then match.

Put up the My Jobs poster on the board. Point to the items, say the

corresponding words.

Point to the items in random order. Ask

individual pupils to name them.

In differentiation part«Visual aids» method was used to check up student’s vocabulary knowledge.

After that T introduces the aim and theme of the lesson.

Ss look at the pictures, listen and repeat.

Aim: prepare for the new lesson

Efficiency:Ss refresh their mind before starting new theme.


- remember key words

- know vocabulary.

Total: 1point



Pupils Book

Middle of the lesson

Presentation part.

Team work.

6 min.

«Listen and match» task.

T asks Ss to listen and match the picture.

T asks to do exercise 17 on page 54 “Listen and read”

T asks Ss to do exercise 18 on page 54. “Listen and choose”

Ss listen and read the story in exercise 10, p52 Listen, point and repeat.

Underline new words in the story.

Ss Listen and choose the correct answer.

Compare with other teams.


-can understand general idea of the story

-can complete the table

-know key words

Total: 1point

T praise active Ss with phrases such as: “Good job!

Well done!” “One more time, please”


Pupils Book



Pupils Book


Team work

8 min.

T explains new grammar «Study spot». Gives clear explanation and examples.

T gives exercise 20 in pupil’s book p55

T asks Ss to read and complete the sentences.

Aim: learn to make presentation and retelling


To develop Ss reading and speaking skills

Differentiation:«Verbal support» method is used to help Ss use new words in the sentences.

Ss listen to the T’s explanation.

Write down structure and examples.

Read and complete the sentences.

Compare their sentences with other teams.


- use new grammar

-complete sentence correctly

Total: 1point


Pupils Book


Work in pairs.

8 min.

T gives exercise 19, p.54 to work in pairs “What’s my job?” Let’s play task.

Aim: make them speak on everyday theme.


To develop Ss writing skills and use new grammarDifferentiation:«Change the pair» method is used to help Ss use new words in the sentences.

Ss use the given structure and prepare their own dialogue.

Practice in pair, ask and answer the questions.


-can speak fluently on theme

-can follow the structure

Total: 1point


Pupils Book


Individual work

5 min

Writing task

“Read and circle” task. T asks Ss do exercise 21 on page 55.

Aim: to work individually, check yourself


develop critical thinking skillsDifferentiation:«Verbal support» game is used to develop their speaking and listening skills.

Ss read the given sentences and choose the correct answer.

Self check task.

Retell the text.

Exercise 16. Check themselves.

Complete, then listen and check themselves.


-choose correct answer-1point.

-retell the text. 1point.

-use grammar -1point.


Pupils Book


End of the lesson.


Individual work:

5 min.

The Ladder method was used as a reflection. T asks Ss to stick their stickers to the Success Ladder.

Ss use their stickers to show their knowledge according to the lesson

Green- I understood

Yellow-I have some questions

Red-I need a help.

Aim: To know how many Ss got the theme.


Ss can use colors to show how much do they remember.

Differentiation:«Conclusion» method is used to finish the lesson.


Speak on the theme “Jobs”,

-can make dialogue

-can label the pictures - 2points.

Ss evaluate each other and encourage classmate with phrases like:

Well done! Brilliant! Good job! I like it!


Pupils Book Poster: Success Ladder.

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