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Article:The project method in teaching a foreign language

Theme : The project method in teaching a foreign language


Currently, the demand for learning English as a subject is growing day by day. It is a driving factor of socio-economic, scientific, technical and general cultural development of society. This increases the degree of teaching English as a subject in schools. Since all the structures of social construction look like developing systems, the interconnection and change of their components affect other elements. In accordance with social progress, the content of education is undergoing changes and additions.

In recent years, the project method has become increasingly widespread in teaching practice, including in the teaching of foreign languages. It is described by methodologists and teachers in different ways. We stick to the following definition of the method: "The project method involves a certain set of educational and cognitive techniques that allow you to solve a problem as a result of independent efforts of students with the obligatory presentation of these results. If we talk about the project method as a pedagogical technology, this technology implies a set of research, search, problem methods, creative in its very essence (Polat E. New pedagogical and information technologies in the education system, 2000, p.)(11)

The popularity of the project method is caused by the fact that by virtue of its didactic essence it allows to solve problems of developing the students' creative abilities, abilities to independently construct their knowledge and apply it to solve cognitive and practical tasks, to orient in the information space, to analyze the information received because at different moments of cognitive, experimental or applied, creative activity the students use the set of all intellectual skills and abilities listed above.

One of the most popular, effective and productive forms of organized work is the project methodology. It is widespread in the education system of many countries in the modern world, as well as in our country. The project method appeared in the early twentieth century in the United States, when educators began to look for ways to develop each lecturer's active independent thinking. At the same time he had not only the memory and perception of knowledge, but also the practical application and realization of knowledge.

That is why American educators John Dewey, Kilpatrick and many others emphasized active joint cognitive and creative activity in solving one common problem. It required interdisciplinary knowledge to solve it. That is why this method was originally called the problematic method. The problem, in order, was pragmatic. Its solution created the conditions for obtaining a real result.

The famous Austrian educator Rudolf Steiner considered it necessary to teach children to apply the knowledge received by solving a practical problem: "When a child gets what he gets in theory, he must use it to solve a problem (problem). He must necessarily know where and how he can apply his knowledge in practice, even if not now, but in the future."

Types of projects used in foreign language lessons.


Such projects require a well-thought-out structure, designated goals, justification of the relevance of the subject of research for all participants, designation of information sources, thoughtful methods, results. When performing tasks of research projects, project participants put forward various hypotheses for solving the designated problem, determine ways to solve it.


Creative projects involve the appropriate design of the results. They, as a rule, do not have a detailed structure of the joint activities of the participants.Each of those involved in the project performs the part of the creative task that corresponds to his interests. The results of the project can be presented in the form of a newspaper, essay, video, dramatization, etc.


This type of project is initially aimed at collecting information about an object, phenomenon; at familiarizing project participants with this information, its analysis and generalization of facts intended for a wide audience.


This type is distinguished by a clearly defined goal of the project participants' activities from the very beginning, which, in turn, should be focused on the social interests of the participants themselves. The result of the work can be a newspaper, a document, a video, a sound recording, a performance, an action program, a draft law, etc.While working on such projects, it is especially important to organize a good discussion, correction, presentation of the results obtained and possible ways of their practical application in practice.


The development and implementation of such a project is the most challenging. The project participants take on the roles of literary or historical characters, fictional characters in order to relationships through playful situations. The result of the project remains open until the end.

The project method is considered very effective due to the following:

- Makes the learning process more complete;

- Increases students' motivation to learn foreign languages;

- Expands and diversifies the foreign language curriculum;

- faster builds and develops students' communication skills-

- improves the communicative skills of students because it gives them the opportunity to express themselves more

- contributes to a more effective and efficient use of time in the process of learning foreign languages;

- develops a number of important skills such as collaborative decision-making, creative professional thinking, etc.;

- engages students in some tasks that are as close to professional tasks as possible;

- makes the learning process more individualized;

- stimulates student's independent work (individual, paired, in groups);

- forms some abilities to navigate in the global information space;

- forms some abilities to select necessary information

There are types of project presentations that an English teacher can use.

Presentations of educational projects can take the form of:

1. business game

2. Video/IT product demonstration

3. dialogue of historical or literary characters

4. playing with the audience

5. illustrated comparison of facts, documents, events

6. staging of a real or fictional historical event

7. scientific conference

8. trip

9. advertising

10. role-playing games

11. theatricalization (parody of a person, animate or inanimate being)

12. television broadcasting

The project method is used widely enough and based on the idea of directing the educational and cognitive activity of students at the result, which is obtained by solving a practically or theoretically significant problem. Undoubtedly, the difficult task for the teacher is to choose the problems for the projects, and these problems can only be taken from the surrounding reality, from life.

The main task facing modern teachers is the formation of creative educational skills of students. An important condition of education is to increase students ' interest in the lesson in the educational process, show a desire to learn independently, as well as increase didactic materials to promote cognitive abilities, increase their educational work. Control of students ' performance of tasks on the subject of the German language in order to determine the main laws that characterize them and control the experimental work performed. Thus, in order to differentiate the level of knowledge of a student, the existing methods of "new pedagogical technologies" should also be used in English language lessons.


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