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Computers in the office



Today's world is often called the computer world. We cannot imagine our life without computers. The first computers were developed during the Second World War. They were used to break the codes, used to send secret information.

After that, they were used for doing calculations for the first atom bomb tests. Basically, computers do calculations and that's all. They can do calculations very quickly, no man is capable of doing such calculations so quickly. The first computers were very big.

Computers are an essential part of office management. Sophisticated software may even reduce the need for some specialized staff,) lowering the cost of doing business. Anyone who wishes to work in an office should be familiar with a variety of computer applications and be a skilled typist, as few office jobs do not require the use of computers.


The bottom line is the most important part of a business. Computers can help managers keep track of the financial status of the company on a yearly, monthly or even day-to-day basis. Spreadsheet software is commonly used to track expenditures, sales, profit and losses. Accounting software provides a business with even more assistance with financial matters, as it is used to do payroll, invoice customers, prepare taxes and execute other essential functions. Companies can use their computers to print checks for payroll and expenditures, and can form a direct link to the company's bank account.


Successful businesses keep track of data about customers, products, demographics and other information important to the business. Employees can use computers to analyze this data using database management software. The computer software can analyze selected data quickly, making it much easier to create business reports than in the past. Computers can help a business stay in contact with its customers as well. Employees can enter a customer's name, address, email address and phone number into a database or spreadsheet so that new customers can be added to promotional mailings or notified of special events.

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