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The acid rain makes the soil acidic, this kills plants and trees. High altitude areas are most at risk as they are surrounded by clouds and fog which are more acidic than rain.

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Sulphur dioxide

Fossil fuels like coal and oil often contain small amounts of sulphur present as an impurity.

Sulphur dioxide is poisonous, it also causes the engine to corrode.

When the fuel is burnt, the sulphur reacts with oxygen in the air forming toxic sulphur dioxide gas.

If released into the atmosphere this reacts with water and forms sulphuric acid.

Acid Rain

This makes the water in the atmosphere acidic. When it rains the rain is also acidic.

The acid rain causes damage to buildings and statues.

It reacts with limestone (CaCO3), a common building material causing them it degrade.

The acid rain makes lakes and rivers acidic. This can prevent fish and insect eggs from a hatching. If it is too acidic then the adult fish and insects also die.

Nitrogen oxides

The temperature inside a car engine gets very hot.

The high temperature causes nitrogen and oxygen from the air to react together to form nitrogen oxides.

If released into the atmosphere they react with water and form nitric acid.

Nitrogen oxides are poisonous and can trigger some people’s asthma.

To help prevent this, sulphur can be removed from petrol during the refining process. But this makes the fuel more expensive.

In power stations sulphur dioxide is ‘scrubbed’ out of waste gases using calcium hydroxide.


Diesel engines burn much bigger molecules of fuel than petrol engines.

Unlike petrol, the larger diesel molecules do not burn completely and the exhaust contains tiny solid particles of carbon (soot).

These particles damage the lungs and might cause cancer

These particles travel into the upper atmosphere. They reflect sunlight back into space preventing light from getting to the Earth’s surface. This is called global dimming.














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