Ағылшын тілі (6 сынып | 1, 2, 3, 4 тоқсан)

 Ағылшын тілі (6 сынып | 1, 2, 3, 4 тоқсан)

Dear teacher!

The group of teachers designed this collection of tasks as a teaching aid to assist
teachers within the framework of updating the content of education. Tasks with assessment criteria and descriptors are samples for assisting teachers in providing constructive feedback to learners in terms of achievement of a learning objective; in selecting and designing similar tasks, in planning lessons and carrying out Formative Assessment.
The advisory nature of the tasks collection allows teachers to adapt, add and make changes in tasks according to learners’ capacities and requirements.
Additional materials (manuals, presentations, plans, etc.), the discussion possibility on forums and video instructions can be found on the official website of «Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools» Autonomous Educational Organisation smk.edu.kz.

We wish you creative work and success!

This collection of tasks is designed for secondary school teachers, school administrations, educational departments’ seniors, regional and school coordinators in criteria-based assessment and others.
Freely available Internet resources such as pictures, cartoons, photos, texts, video and audio materials, etc. have been used in designing this tasks collection. The collection of tasks was designed for the uncommercial purposes.


Unit: Our Class
Unit: Helping and Heroes

Unit: Our Countryside
Unit: Drama and Comedy

Unit: Our Health
Unit: Holidays and Travel
Unit: Reading for Pleasure

Unit: Our Neighbourhood
Unit: Transport

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    Ағылшын тілі бойынша 7-8 сыныптарға қалыптастырушы бағалау толық болса